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Important information
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Why us?

.......because we are the Rolls Royce of mud kitchens without the Rolls Royce prices!!!

Sounds cocky, right? well this is how confident we are in our products, 

Firstly our mud kitchens have been toy tested passing government safety regulations, it has been a little journey for us but a one that we are very proud of, being UKCA approved should be top of your check list when choosing your mud kitchen,

Secondly we use recycled wood and other recycled materials where we can, this not only helps the environment but  means the wood is stronger and more durable.

And finally all of our mud kitchens are made to order, they are not mass produced in a factory, they are made with precision and love, Chris is a perfectionist, every nook and cranny has been meticulously checked before leaving our workshop. 

The bit before..

Once you have chosen your favourite mud kitchen, your timber is handpicked by us. The timber is then hand sanded to create smooth and safe surfaces, once its ready Chris will start the build where all of the joints are glued and screwed together using a waterproof exterior wood glue, then three coats of child and insect friendly preserver is added to protect the timber from weathering.

The bit in the middle..

Jess will keep you informed throughout the build to keep you posted on the progress and to organise a delivery date that suits you. 

Every kitchen is heavily scrutinised to ensure it meets all the requirements before it leaves the workshop. Not only have they been tested in a toy laboratory where the experts have evaluated the design, safety and quality they have also been checked by you the consumer. Our mud kitchens have been put through a series of rigorous tests by the children making sure we have the right level of  fun but also durability and hardiness.


The bit after....
Your mud kitchen will be delivered directly to your door, no need to get your tools ready as you will receive it fully assembled and ready to explore, we will include a selection of utensils and kitchen accessories.
All you need to do is unwrap the recyclable pallet wrap and start having fun!!!

We strongly believe the prices reflect the quality of the mud kitchens, they are NOT massed produced and are hand built, they are made to last, safe and robust and all come with a 12 month guarantee.

Have fun choosing............


The benefits of our mud kitchens

Inspiring Your Budding Chef

The mud kitchen is perfect for outdoor messy play, sit back and watch as the children forage for natural materials collecting sticks, leaves, pine cones, petals and even little bugs. They love to conjure up their own recipes encouraging all sorts of development skills using role play, chatting away whilst having fun turning their ingredients into muddy masterpieces.

All of our mud kitchens are made from reclaimed, recycled, sustainable materials even down to the kitchen sink.

The mud kitchens are created in our workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne, head over to our shop to have browse, as you will see they are all individually named, each with their own personality and character. We also have an option to design your own this is especially handy if you have a certain space to install your kitchen, just send us your measurements and we will do the rest. 

Our play kitchens are suitable for children aged 1 to 7 but have also been popular with the older siblings and even granny has been known to get stuck in too.

We have supplied a number of homes,  schools, nurseries, playschools, childminders and commercial properties i.e pub play areas and campsites, delivering and spreading the mud kitchen magic to the whole of the UK. 


Very pleased we choose to order my daughters mud kitchen with this amazing company, it’s really well made and decorated with all the little pots/pans/utensils included. They are extremely helpful and made sure we got the mud kitchen on time for her birthday. Can’t thank them enough.


Just taken delivery of our Mud Kitchen this morning and it’s already a hit with my three children. It’s great to have something that not only looks beautiful but is sturdy and well made too. I can see already it will be something to treasure. I have even managed to colour match it with the wooden play castle we have, thanks to the team’s patience and attention to detail. Highly recommend this brilliant family-run business.


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